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Lär dig mer om Microsoft Dynamics 365 genom att ta del av nyheter och våra medarbetares tips och tricks.


GDPR + ITIL = Sant

För många känns kanske GDPR som ett högt berg man måste ta sig över. Men för er som jobbat med ITIL, information technology infrastructure library, känns nog GDPR mer som en kulle ni redan promenerat över flera gånger tidigare. GDPR + ITIL =...

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Deleting a lot of records fast

A quick one today... Needed to delete a couple of million records for a customer and the natural thing was to use the Bulk Deletion service, well, I turned it on and it was extremely slow. Only got about 10 records/s which would cause the entire delete to take over a...

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Supported browsers – update

One of my most popular posts is a collation on which browsers are actually supported for Dynamics 365 CE. This is not strange since it is a common issue, we often have customers call our support complaining that Dynamics doesn't work well, and as described in the...

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