CRM adress books in Outlook isn’t created for contacts for other organizations than the synchronizing one

I tried to connect to another organization with my outlook client but wasn’t able to see the address books as I exptected. I’m not sure how this is supposed to work but these are my findings after a bit of trial and horror

Funny thing, I have our own CRM connected to my outlook and thought I could test a thing with another organization. However when I started Outlook I had a strange setup of the address books. Under the familiar ”other address books” there were my normal contact, account and lead address books as per my address book settings. Then there were the new address books of the new organization, accounts, leads, users, queues and facilities but no contacts.
Very strange to me since I have configured the client to only sync accounts, contacts and leads. To me this looks as if the client only take the settings you do in the address book tab of the CRM settings on the synchronizing organization and completely disregards them for any other organization you are connected to with the client. The even more funny thing is that it doesn’t add the contacts address book.

The latter is a bit funny but I suppose it means that since you don’t synch this organization, you won’t copy any contacts and for this reason the address book isn’t created either. This seems a bit odd but there is some sort of weird, twisted and annoying logic to it.

NB, I haven’t tried this with two CRM 2013 organizations as of yet, this is in CRM 2011.

Rickard Norström
Developer at CRM-Konsulterna

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