Dynamics 365 On Premise (also known as CRM 8.2) licensing

I just had a bit of an eye opener regarding the winter update for CRM 2016 which made it  Dynamics 365. This is a new license model and a new license which is needed to run the server and for CALs for all the users.

That may not be that much of an issue if it wasn’t for the upgrade engine. Previously when the new major versions were released there was a new server installation, or an in-place upgrade using some sort of install media. This is not true for the winter update, so if you haven’t got it already be careful.
By, ”haven’t got it already” I mean that since it is distributed as an update, previously known as an update rollup, you will get it installed automatically if you have the ”install updates automatically” setting set and then you will have a software which you may not be licensed with.

This is rather late for this but say you have a server which is more or less connected to the internet you may not already have got the update, or if you are manually installing upgrades using Windows Update, untick the CRM upgrade if you don’t have a license.

The licensing guide can be found here and the KB for Dynamics 365 update is found here

Rickard Norström
Developer at CRM-Konsulterna

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