We put customers front and center

We firmly believe strong customer relations are the foundation for all great business. Robust and interdependent relationships increase your understanding of the customer so you can help them improve their business.

At CRM-Konsulterna AB we are passionate about helping people and companies realize the incredible potential that can be unlocked in their customer information. Happy existing customers attract new customers. Which is why customer relationships are at the heart of what we do. We know that user-friendly, well-integrated CRM systems increase an organization’s ability to attract and keep customers, and extending and growing existing customer engagement is extremely valuable for all.

More than just a system, CMS is a mindset, a way of organizing and approaching customers. At CRMK, we are happy to help you, starting with setting a short- and long-term strategy to achieve the effects and business goals that you are looking for.

We offer expertise and creativity

Founded in 2010 by Gustav Westerlund, one of Sweden’s top experts on Microsoft Dynamics 365, we are all specialists in CRM and are constantly looking to practice and develop our skills. Our skill, passion and drive to find the best solutions for our customers and society has resulted in three of our employees winning the award Most Valuable Professional (MVP) within Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM).

We provide unique services and products

No matter what challenges your organization or business faces, we can help where you need it, from start to finish. All our projects are unique but contain one or more of our services below.

  • Pre-studies – Before you invest in Dynamics 365 or Power Platform, conduct a pre-study to determine the challenges and define what you want to accomplish
  • Change Management – We help you manage what it takes to implement the kinds of changes CRM can require beyond the process and system support.
  • Requirement analysis – We recommend you conduct a requirements analysis in conjunction with your project
  • Technical Audit – Use CRMK’s top experts in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to ensure your system is working as you want it to
  • Consultant Retainer – Book CRMK’s sought-after senior experts for advice and consulting on a regular basis
  • Implementation project – We can help implement your project, using agile frameworks and methods such as Scrum and DevOps with Microsoft’s proven implementation model Sure Step
  • Process development – You need to make sure your operational processes are optimized if you want your CRM to have an impact
  • Consultant as resource – Add our consultants with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform expertise to your team to support your CRM work
  • Inbound marketing – Let us help you create the right content so that the right customers find you rather than the other way round
  • Maintenance and support – We set up goals together with you so you can be pro-active in developing and updating your CRM, even your processes and way of working


  • CRM-paketet
  • Bisnode integration – Pan European business registry
  • App-in-a-day
  • Global Zip


Not all leads are equal

Lead management is an area of sales automation and marketing with many opinions and many schools of thought. In addition, there are old sales and marketing managers who have worked for a long time and very successfully with their methods, but this doesn’t preclude that there is a way leads should be handled. When we work with leads, we should stay up to date with how the market and technology are constantly changing.


Power Platform – The Power family is growing

Power Platform continues to grow and since we last wrote about it, newcomer Power Virtual Agents has been introduced and Microsoft Flow has been rebranded to Power Automate. This blog post provides an introduction to the various Power services, this time with a few new services.


How should you approach Dynamics 365 as a standard system?

Many companies that buy Dynamics 365 or Power Platform actively try to stick to standard functionality as much as possible. This is often because they previously had tailored systems and suffered the consequences. Now they want to try to minimize the adaptations they make so that the system is more manageable and cheaper to operate. But it isn’t always easy to know where to draw the line. When are standard functions enough? When do you need to make adaptations?

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