Again, a post which is sort of connected to CRM from Microsoft, at this time called Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. I’ve been doing some SSIS work to migrate data and ran into an issue with SSIS projects not updating and source control.

The issue is mainly a problem if you’re using version control and multiple computers for development BUT, it seems that the project file isn’t always saved which gives issues when you alter projects packages and the result is an error saying “The package file ‘package_name.dtsx’ is missing from the project directory. This package has been skipped, and project will continue to load.” (or whatever the package name is)
The issue is that the project file doesn’t seem to save even if you think it has been. So. Highlight the project file

Then go to File menu and chose save selected

 Now you can upload this to whatever version control you’re using and then spread the info 🙂

Rickard Norström
Developer at CRM-Konsulterna