The Swedish Red Cross: into the cloud with Dynamics 365

The Red Cross is the world’s largest humanitarian organisation. Now, alongside Microsoft and their partner CRM-Konsulterna, the organisation has taken a big step forward in its digitalisation journey. By implementing Dynamics 365 CRM, a modern platform for managing customer relationships and resources, the Red Cross has been able to update and streamline its work processes. And the benefits are many.

Important missions require intelligent systems

The Red Cross has a long history of helping people and societies in urgent situations. So when it came to the challenge of streamlining its operations and maximising its contribution, the Swedish Red Cross turned to CRM-Konsulterna for expert help. Martin Tägtström is IT Manager for the Swedish Red Cross, and he explains why they chose Dynamics 365 and CRM-Konsulterna.

Martin Tägtström CIO
Martin Tägtström, CIO the Swedish Red Cross

“We’re experts when it comes to our operations and the needs our digital tools must fulfil. But configuring and introducing them optimally is outside our field of expertise. So we needed knowledgeable, stable suppliers to help us do that in the most effective way.”

Sofia Johansson, CRM product owner for the Swedish Red Cross, emphasises the complexity of their needs.

Sofia Johansson, Product Owner the Swedish Red Cross
Sofia Johansson, Product Owner the Swedish Red Cross

“The CRM platform is one of our absolutely key systems. We manage many different types of relationships, including with donors, members and volunteers. We need a platform that helps us see the big picture when it comes to these relationships, so we can create relevant communication for each of them.”

Creating order with Dynamics 365

CRM-Konsulterna, headed by CEO Kathrine Hogseth, took on the task of digitalising and streamlining the Red Cross’ ways of working, using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Kathrine Hogseth, CEO CRMK
Kathrine Hogseth, CEO CRMK

“CRM-Konsulterna is a Microsoft partner, which means we work very close to Microsoft – and of course with the Swedish Red Cross in this case – to get the best possible results from the platform. Dynamics 365 helps to keep track of every interaction, which is essential in providing structure and oversight of the organisation’s work,” Kathrine explains.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of intelligent business applications that delivers superior operational efficiency and breakthrough customer experiences enabling businesses to become more agile and reduce complexity without increasing costs.

Flexible and cost-effective

With smart functions for sharing and storage, Dynamics 365 has made a transfer to the cloud possible, in line with the Swedish Red Cross’ stated cloud strategy. And Martin says that the system also offers a number of other benefits.

“The move to the cloud gives us easier server management, the flexibility to scale performance and capacity up and down, lower costs … But above all we’re better positioned for the future, with new opportunities to quickly add new functionality.”

Sofia Johnsson also shares some of the advantages they have seen with Dynamics 365.

“We’ve started using new functionality such as virtual tables, and we’ve integrated with Power BI. This opens the way for even bigger opportunities, particularly when it comes to AI and automation.”

The future is bright with the Swedish Red Cross’ CRM solution

The excellent collaboration with Microsoft and CRM-Konsulterna has been essential to the success of the project.

“The best thing about CRM-Konsulterna has been their ability to understand our complex needs and transform them into practical solutions. Dynamics 365 makes it possible for us to have a solution that really suits us. We can add new functionality as required, and overall we actually save money,” says Martin.

Both the Red Cross and CRM-Konsulterna are looking forward to the next stage in their collaboration, and Kathrine Hogseth sees exciting opportunities in the future.

“We’re very happy to continue supporting the Swedish Red Cross on their journey, and to explore new technology that can contribute to their incredibly important work.”

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